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Formal Hedge Trimming Tree Surgeon

Formal Hedge Trimming Tree Surgeon

Hedge Trimming/Hedge Cutting/Hedges Removals/Hedge Reductions | Urmston

Like trees, hedges come in all different shapes and sizes, but our Urmston tree surgeons have all of the equipment that is needed to complete hedge reductions or trim them(including hedge cutters on a pole).


Hedge trimming

We understand that the privacy of our clients is important so for that reason, we always bear in mind the height/width of the hedges when cutting/trimming them as well as any neighbours that are close by.

Tree Removals Urmston

Providing the finest tree removal Urmston has to offer, our Urmston tree surgeons have safely and efficiently removed many trees of all shapes and sizes over a long period of time, so our expertise is top quality.

We are able to both remove and dispose of a large number of trees from any site or premises in one attempt. Our wood chipper “chips down” the tree(s) into smaller pieces of wood; we do have clients that like to keep these smaller pieces of wood for either landscaping purposes in their gardens or even for the play area of their school premises.

Stump Removals/Stump Grinding Urmston

After a tree has been removed/felled, the last thing to do to ensure it doesn’t grow back is to remove the stump left in the ground. 

stump grinding 03

stump grinding 03

We can remove any number of stumps in one visit. We are happy to do this after we have removed/felled a tree or even as a stand-alone service for trees that have already been brought down by somebody else.

Tree Felling Urmston

The felling – or cutting – of a tree is exactly what it says on the tin. As trees are like our babies, it can be an easy or a difficult decision for you to get this done, but our experts will help to make it a smooth and easy process for you.

Local Tree Surgeon Tree Felling

Local Tree Surgeon Tree Felling

Tree Pruning Urmston

This has two main benefits; number one, pruning can help a tree to look more aesthetically pleasing, and number two is that it can help to maintain and even improve the health of tree, leading to being in an environment that is safer for everybody.

Liverpool Tree Felling

Crown Reductions Urmston

Reducing the crown will allow more light to pass over the top of it – leading to less shading! – as well as just reducing the overall stress that the tree may have had.

Crown Reductions Tree-Crown-Thinning-Tree-Pruning-Tree-Service

Crown Reductions Tree-Crown-Thinning-Tree-Pruning-Tree-Service

Crown Thinning Urmston

Multiple benefits of thinning the crown; by removing some of the smaller or tertiary branches, more light can travel through the tree, there will be less wind resistance and also, a reduction in weight.



If the tree service that you would like is not listed, please don’t panic, we just don’t want you to fall asleep reading this; we carry out all tree work – big and small – and this list has the most common services that we are asked for.

Whatever tree surgery you would like us to do for you, please get in touch with Urmston Tree Surgeon now to discuss your requirements, either by filling in the form on this page or calling us on 0161 410 4354


If you are able to send us YOUR FULL NAME, HOUSE No, POSTCODE, and SOME IMAGES + SHORT VIDEO, via Whatsapp, we should be able to give you QUICK QUOTE.

Tree Surgeons you can rely on All Year Round

Here at Urmston Tree Surgeon, we are readily and happily available to help you whenever you need it, we have you and your trees covered. Hedge Trimming is very popular here. We have hedge trimming teams out each day.

We have a team of experts that are fully aware of the impact that the weather can have on trees; you may have a tree that prevents the sun from getting into your garden in the summer months, or on the flip side of things, you may have a tree that has been the victim of some weather damage during stormy times and you need the help of some local help, and Urmston tree surgeons can take care of this QUICKLY.

Local Tree Surgeon

To be the first tree surgeon locals think of when needing tree work completed, we cover all areas in and around Urmston.

Please get in touch with our tree experts now. You can either fill in the contact form on this page, or call us on 0161 410 4354

Urmston Tree Surgeons

Our Urmston tree surgeons have carried out work for a variety of commercial and domestic clients. This includes councils, landlords, homeowners, office blocks, facilities management companies, schools and nurseries, to name but a few. 

There is a GOOD chance that we have completed some form of tree surgery for a client similar to you – whether you are running a business or a home – and we are always happy to take a look at what you would like doing to your trees and talk you through the safest and most efficient way of doing it. 

Get in touch with one of the best tree surgeons Urmston offer, today, by either filling in the contact form on this page, or by calling us on 0161 410 4354

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